1. Carving

    PUMPKIN MUST BE CARVED FROM THE BOTTOM. Lighting for each Jack-o'-Lantern will be inserted from the bottom of your pumpkin. Please leave the stem of your pumpkin intact. Do not lift your pumpkin by its stem.

  2. Painted Pumpkins

    Painted pumpkins will be accepted, but we cannot guarantee lighting at the event.  Access to electrical power may be provided if the entrant wishes to provide lighting for painted pumpkins.

  3. Entry Fee

    The entry fee for a "Pumpkin Patch" is $5 dollars per pumpkin, up to $50 for a Patch of 10 or more.  The entry fee is due by Jack Turn-In on Friday, October 28th.  Unless special payment arrangements have been made, and patch which has not paid the entry fee will not be displayed at the event on October 29th.

  4. Turn-In

    Each entrant must submit a completed Patch Entry form at the time of entry, or by pre-registering using our online entry system. "Carving Night" events will be held on Wednesday, October 26th and Thursday, October 27th at the FairOaks Mall in Columbus, at which patches may be carved and submitted.  Jack Turn-In will be held from 4 PM to 7 PM on Friday, October 29th at FairOaks mall for submissions carved off-site.

  5. Rejection

    Advocates for Children reserves the right to reject any carved or painted pumpkins and to remove any online submissions that we determine may be offensive or dangerous to the public. Advocates for Children also reserves the right to reject any pumpkin that does not follow the rules of submission.

  6. Prizes

    Year's Best Patch and runner up prizes will be awarded to the teams of Jack-o'-Lanterns, or "Pumpkin Patch" which collect the highest dollar amount of contributions, collectively.  Eligible contributions to Advocates for Children may be made via the Night of a Thousand Jacks website,, at the Strolling Night, October 29th, or via pre-event fundraising held by the participants.

  7. Claiming Pumpkins

    Entrants can claim their Jack-o'-Lantern or painted pumpkin following the close of the event at 9:00 PM on Saturday, Oct. 29. Any pumpkins remaining after 10:00 pm on Oct. 29 may be disposed of.