Special Guests

There's always something special going on at the Night of a Thousand Jacks, and you never know who you may find creeping around the corner.  Here are a few of the "Special Guests" that have made appearances at the Night of a Thousand Jacks.

Utopia_white.pngCreatures of the Night 

Utopia Wildlife gives our guest a close up look at some of their "night birds" - Barn Owls, Ravens and the like will be getting into the Halloween spirit and providing entertainment and education for our guests from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM.  Don't miss out!

501st_logo.png501st Legion

Once upon a Halloween, in a galaxy not so very far away....  The 501st Legion brings some of your favorite characters to life - along with some you may not have met yet.  This crew brings costuming to a new level with exquisite detail.  Don't miss the chance to see them up close and personal.

1380661_468614189918952_231330918_n.jpgHalloween Dancers

As the sun sets and the winds howl, all manner of creepy creatures come out to play.  Members of several of Columbus' local dance studios have been know to turn up at the Night of a Thousand Jacks to put on special routines to the delight of our guests.